Örnek Konu Anlatımı



Possessive cases (İyelik/sahiplik durumları)
It is + adjective + to infinitive
Would like (İstemek)
I want + object + to infinitive
Before (-den önce)
When (-diği zaman)
As (İken)
While (İken)
Might (Olasılık)
Could (Kullanıldığı yerler)
Request and Suggestion (Rica ve Teklif)
Let (İzin vermek)
People in general (Genelleme)
Be used to (-e alışkın olmak)
Be in the habit of (Alışkanlığında olmak)
Noun phrase (İsim cümleciği)
With, without (İle, -siz)
By (-mek suretiyle)
Adverbs of degree (Derecelendirme zarfları)
Each, every, all (Her, tüm)
Besides, except, except for (Hariç)
Both (Her ikisi de)
Either … or … (Ya …, ya …)
Neither … nor … (Ne …, ne …)
As well (De, da, dahi)
Also (De, da, dahi)
Between, among, each other, one another (Arasında, birbiri)
Have a ...
Go ... (Bir şey yapmaya gitmek)
Do the ... (Bir şey yapmak)
Past perfect tense
Present perfect continuous tense
Past perfect continuous tense
Future continuous tense
Future perfect tense
Future perfect continuous tense
Could have
Might have
Must have
Should have, needn’t have, didn’t need
Conditional tense, if + past simple
If I were
Conditional Tense, if + past perfect
Passive voice (Edilgen çatı)
To (-mek için)
In order to (-mek için)
So as to (-mek için)
Relative clause with whose (Whose ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with whom (Whom ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with which (Which ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with that (That ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with where (Where ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with what (What ile ilgi cümleciği)
Relative clause with why (Why ile ilgi cümleciği)
Whoever, whatever, however, wherever
Noun phrase
Present participal
Past participal
Say, tell
Take, get, keep
Someone tall, something better
One on the other, one in the other
Like (Gibi)
As (Gibi)
Adjective + to infinitive
Certain, bound, likely
Infinitive or gerund
Indirect speech
Comparison - as … as
Comparison - than
Comparison - more and more
Comparison - the … the …
Superlative - most
Causatives - get, make, let, allow, expect, have
-ing clause
So that
In case, in case of
Because, as, for
So, thus, therefore, as, since, now that
As long as, on condition that, providing that, unless
So … that
Even, however, while, although, despite
Because of, for, for reason of, as a result of, due to, owing to, thanks to
As if, as though
What if
Above all, after all, in any case, anyhow, at all costs, in addition, or else...
In comparison with, in advance, in return for, in revenge, on behalf of...
By accident, on purpose, oh my God, for God’s sake, what a pity...
On the one hand, vice versa, uphill, downhill, upstream, upwind, in reverse...
Backwards, upwards, inwards, sideways, eastwards, clockwise...
Face to face, arm in arm, end to end, little by little, one by one...
According to